Felix ElsnerFelix Elsner

“Yo Barry, you did it my nigga”

A throwback to better times: Larry Wilmore killing it at last year’s WHCA dinner.1

The nerve on this guy. Ruthless in spite of a tough audience, whom he’s got shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Loved it back then, came back to my mind recently when thinking about journos sucking up to the big T. If only they had a shred of that bravery and total disregard for careerism.

It starts out innocent enough, well not really, Larry comes out of the gates storming with that “thugs” potshot, and then proceeds to lay into Obama, “not closing gitmo” & “raining bombs from long distances”.

The aside about Senate & House reps refusing to show up for work and get anything done has become all too real. I’ll have to admit I did not like him beating the already-dead Ted-Cruz-is-unlikeable horse and Obama’s ageing process wasn’t exactly fresh material. Media internals and the “Lemonade” fad rightfully bombed. Surprisingly, the C-SPAN-bashing still gets a few laughs every year.

Speaking of drones, Blitzer really can not take a joke, which is emblematic of the lack of self-reflection inherent in that crowd. No wonder that applause in the end started out way too polite.

Another sideswipe at the media moguls and their tendency to false equivocation(coverage of “all lives” dunces) landed hard with me; the “Panama Papers” one had me in stitches. He drove it home in the end (with an undeserved reconciliatory statement) so everyone could feel a little better and congratulate themselves.

Looking forward to this year’s dinner, and eager to know how the WHCA will cope with the move from the West Wing. Stay safe, yanks!

  1. Transcript here