My name is Felix. I am a student from Germany.

On this site, I share, amongst other things, my works and thoughts.

May I interest you in some of my writing:

Below are some of my projects and what lessons to glean from them. I hope you find something worthwhile here.

Other interests

Here are some moving pictures I think are decent:

Code quicklinks:

I had a serious infatuation with Argentine Tango that lasted a good year and a half.
Here are some remnants:

Where I used to take responsiblity was working with my peers at my old student union. At the “Fachschaft W” — which is also a registered club of about 90 members — I ran:

  • Finances as CFO, as such also part of the board(ret. June 2018)
  • Tech infrastructure, including Cloud Document Sharing, Knowledge Management, Homepage, Business Application Suite
  • Office affairs

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