The name’s Felix.

On this site, I share, amongst other things, my works and thoughts.

May I interest you in some of my writing:

Below are some of my projects and what lessons to glean from them. I hope you find something worthwhile here.

A bit about me

In my day job, I blow stuff up. In my private life, I try to mend things. I enjoy organizing and leading people just as much as listening and learning from anyone.

Born sometime during the ‘90s in the bountiful farmlands of northern Germany, now residing in warmer climates.

I believe it is everyone‘s duty to better the world. If you believe in your paralysis, your inability to affect change, I only have disdain for you.

Apparently, I’m a hero as well, though that's debatable.

Other interests

Here are some moving pictures I think are decent:

Code quicklinks:

I had a serious infatuation with Argentine Tango that lasted a good year and a half.
Here are some remnants:

Where I used to take responsiblity was working with my peers at my old student union. At the “Fachschaft W” — which is also a registered club of about 90 members — I ran:

  • Finances as CFO, as such also part of the board(ret. June 2018)
  • Tech infrastructure, including Cloud Document Sharing, Knowledge Management, Homepage, Business Application Suite
  • Office affairs

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