The name’s Felix.

On this site, I share my works, ideas and services.

Below are some of my projects and what lessons to glean from them. I hope you find something worthwhile here.

About me

In my day job, I blow stuff up. In my private life, I try to mend things. I enjoy organizing and leading people just as much as listening and learning from anyone. I've officially been named a hero, which is neat.

Born sometime during the ‘90s in the bountiful farmlands of northern Germany, now residing in warmer climates.

I like the idea of personal homepages, diversity of opinion and approaches, instead of feeding the Silicon Valley content silos with ephemeralities.

If you’d like to get in touch, do so at the Contact Page.

Please find an overview of RSS feeds at RSS/Atom feeds.


Hobbies & Mojo™

I like being in nature a lot. Camping, running, hiking, rock climbing, … those are my idea of a fun time.

Apart from those, I also tend to enjoy:

Some moving pictures I think are decent:

Projects & Writing

I find myself having to have a "project" to stay sane in my free time. My woodworking, art etc. are probably junk, but give me zen-like pleasure. The world will also never be set on fire by me as a writer, yet there's some of my writing I'm modestly proud of.


  • Have a look at the Projects page for a birds-eye view of some of my better-known works.

Mastery of machines

While I am apparently not made for life in an office, I do enjoy telling computers what to do. My involvement with the Open Devices Project has won me some accolades, and I have a knack for digging in and figuring things out.

Code & tech writing, hosting

Mobile ventures

  • Have a look at the Mobile Projects page for an overview of my work in the Android-adjacent sector.
  • Open Devices Community Page - I maintain an unofficial page about the Open Devices project for newcomers
  • AOSP Contribs - Commits I have made to Android, which are most likely running inside your phone right now.

Tango & older ventures

I used to have a serious infatuation with Argentine Tango a good while back.
Here are some remnants:

I enjoyed taking responsiblity when working with my peers at my old student union. At the “Fachschaft W” — which is also a legally registered club of about 90 members with discrete finances — I ran:

  • Finances as CFO, as such also part of the board (ret. June 2018)
  • Tech infrastructure, including Cloud Document Sharing, Knowledge Management, Homepage, Business Application Suite
  • Office affairs


People, sites and organizations that I think are interesting:

  • Idle Words - Maciej has spent his academic career studying writing and it shows. His early travel reports are a delight; his more recent posts delve deeply into crucial issues such as progressive election campaigns and the real powers that govern technology.
  • Aaron Parecki - Someone who lives for and on the IndieWeb. It is nice to see the possibilities of federated technologies in real-world use.
  • Bret Victor - Visionary. His interface works are legendary and have paved the way for radical rethinking of human-machine interaction.

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