Firefox modifications

December 20, 2015



  • uBlock Origin (with custom filters)
  • Stylish
  • Session Manager
  • GrabMyBooks
  • I don’t care about cookies
  • Clean Uninstall
  • New Tab override(since Firefox doesn’t allow setting newtab.url any more for some reason)
  • Suspend Tab (actually works, as opposed to UnloadTab)
  • VimFx(with custom mappings, don’t forget to back up)
  • wallabag(v2)
  • Warn Before Quit


  • UnloadTab (loses tabs, not recommended)
  • Super Start (load a custom html page from file:/// instead)
  • RSVP Reader
  • ScrapBook
  • HTML5 Video Everywhere! (works only sporadically)
  • Resurrect Pages
  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Random Agent Spoofer
  • Content Search X
  • BetterPrivacy
  • QuickMark
  • Privacy Badger (or Disconnect or Ghostery)
  • NoScript (even with javascript turned on, it still offers some security features)
  • Mozilla Archive Format
  • meta-q-override


  • remove default mail providers
  • turn off sync, hello, pocket, tiles, weed out search providers, turn off telemetry etc.
  • set default search engine, disable search suggestions


  • false (deprecated)
  • browser.newtab.url and browser.startup.homepage to about:blank(obsolete, see new tab override)
  • browser.pocket.enabled false
  • beacon.enabled false
  • browser.visited_color #00CCCC
  • dom.max_script_run_time 40
  • dom.max_chrome_script_run_time 40 (from 20)
  • dom.battery.enabled false (how could anyone think this was a good idea)
  • dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled false
  • general.warnOnAboutConfig false
  • geo.enabled false
  • network.dns.disablePrefetch true
  • pdfjs.disable true
  • plugins.enumerate_names (empty)
  • privacy.trackingprotection.enabled true
  • webgl.disabled true (will break fullscreen mode?)
  • browser.fullscreen.{animateUp,autohide}
  • dom.serviceWorkers.enabled false (what a dumb idea to let scripts run after closing a tab)
  • privacy.file_unique_origin=false - See CVE-2019-11730 But I don’t particularly care Needed so that file:// stuff works properly and doesn’t complain about CORS, e.g. for accessing cssRules
  • devtools.inspector.color-scheme-simulation.enabled=true for testing out prefers-color-scheme, see stackoverflow