Blockchain tech is the intersecting black hole in the Venn diagram of everything wrong with the tech industry. Delusional anti-govt rhetoric, utter bullshit alternating with fraud, solutions in search of problems, environmental waste—a vast domain of vicious uselessness.

Itamar Turner-Trauring on the blockchain hype


Working with online tango databases 


There’s a plugin for MusicBrainz Picard that works with tango.info, which has previously been discussed. Support for tango releases on MusicBrainz is notoriously spotty, since its focus lies mainly on English-language music released by major record labels in the Anglosphere. Hence, relying on MB tag data is not a viable option for mass tagging.


‘El Tango - Pasion y Emoción’ is a good example. The tango.info listing makes a few critical mistakes, so another source is needed. Probably the most complete and accurate information is provided by tango-dj.at.

This script that takes any tango-dj.at URL as input and spits out formatted text that can be pasted into puddletag or MP3Tag:

The pattern, which of course can be modified: %title%~%artist%~%album%~%genre%~%year%~%composer%~%lyricist%~%vocal%
Best to use only a single album at a time.


Before writing the plugin for Picard, I had been using a hacked-together snippet of code for scraping tango.info. It is available here: tinfo.py.