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Ukraine War – Sanctions on Russia: Research collections

This is a sort of collection of collections about various data points and the way sanctions affect the Russian economy.


Sanctions trackers

Data about the Russian economy

Ukraine War – Useful Ukraine databases and maps


After leaving several drafts sitting on my hard drive for months, I’ve decided to publish them, unfinished as they may be. This post is one such draft.

Shellings and Missile Impacts

Ukraine War – Ukraine regional prosecutors

Office Website Contacts
Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office kyiv.gp.gov.ua public@kyiv.gp.gov.ua, zvern@kyiv.gp.gov.ua
Vinnytsia Regional Prosecutor’s Office vin.gp.gov.ua zvern@vin.gp.gov.ua, sekretariat@vin.gp.gov.ua
Volyn regional prosecutor’s office vol.gp.gov.ua office_pvo@pvo.gov.ua, zvern@pvo.gov.ua
Dnipropetrovsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office dnipr.gp.gov.ua zvern@dnipr.gp.gov.ua, Press1@prokuratura.dp.ua, public@prk.dp.ua
Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office don.gp.gov.ua priom_gromad@don.gp.gov.ua
Zhytomyr Regional Prosecutor’s Office zhit.gp.gov.ua publikinfo@zhit.gp.gov.ua, sekretariat@zhit.gp.gov.ua
Zaporizhzhia Regional Prosecutor’s Office zap.gp.gov.ua office@zap.gp.gov.ua, press@zap.gp.gov.ua, public@zap.gp.gov.ua
Transcarpathian Regional Prosecutor’s Office zak.gp.gov.ua zvern@zak.gp.gov.ua, Sekretariat@zak.gp.gov.ua, mass media zakprokuratura@gmail.com, public info zkpublic@meta.ua
Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office ifr.gp.gov.ua sekretariat@ifprok.gov.ua, zvernennya@ifprok.gov.ua, press informpr@ukr.net
Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office kobl.gp.gov.ua prok@kobl.gp.gov.ua, press@kobl.gp.gov.ua, public@kobl.gp.gov.ua
Kirovohrad Regional Prosecutor’s Office kir.gp.gov.ua oblprokuratura@kir.gp.gov.ua, zvern@kir.gp.gov.ua, public info: infdostup@kir.gp.gov.ua, pressa@kir.gp.gov.ua
Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office lviv.gp.gov.ua sekretari@oblprok.lviv.ua, info requests zdpi@oblprok.lviv.ua
Luhansk Regional Prosecutor’s Office lug.gp.gov.ua
Mykolaiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office myk.gp.gov.ua zvern@myk.gp.gov.ua
Odesa Regional Prosecutor’s Office od.gp.gov.ua odeska.obl@od.gp.gov.ua
Poltava Regional Prosecutor’s Office pol.gp.gov.ua zvern@pol.gp.gov.ua, press@pol.gp.gov.ua
Rivne Regional Prosecutor’s Office pro.gov.ua zvern@pro.gp.gov.ua, pres@pro.gov.ua, secretariat@pro.gov.ua
Sumy Regional Prosecutor’s Office sumy.gp.gov.ua sekretariat@prokuratura.sumy.ua
Ternopil Regional Prosecutor’s Office tern.gp.gov.ua inbox@tern.gp.gov.ua, zvern.gp.gov.ua, public@tern.gp.gov.ua
Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office khar.gp.gov.ua zvern@khar.gp.gov.uaobl@khar.gp.gov.ua, publinf@khar.gp.gov.ua, press@khar.gp.gov.ua
Kherson Regional Prosecutor’s Office kherson.gp.gov.ua zvern@kherson.gp.gov.ua
Khmelnytskyi Regional Prosecutor’s Office khmel.gp.gov.ua zvern@khmel.gp.gov.ua
Cherkasy Regional Prosecutor’s Office chk.gp.gov.ua zvern@chk.gp.gov.ua, sekretariat@chk.gp.gov.ua, public requests kinf@chk.gp.gov.ua
Chernivtsi Regional Prosecutor’s Office chrn.gp.gov.ua chergova@chrn.gp.gov.ua, pres@chrn.gp.gov.ua, documents sekretariat@chrn.gp.gov.ua
Chernihiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office chrg.gp.gov.ua sekretariat@chrg.gp.gov.ua, zvern@chrg.gp.gov.ua, obl.prok.public@chrg.gp.gov.ua
Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ark.gp.gov.ua park.zvern@gmail.com
Office of the Prosecutor General gp.gov.ua office@gp.gov.ua, press.zapyty.ogp@gmail.com, mediasap@gp.gov.ua

Ukraine War – Preliminary PGM Sources


After leaving several drafts sitting on my hard drive for months, I’ve decided to publish them, unfinished as they may be. This post is one such draft.


Research interest: Tracking and mapping missile and artillery strikes utilizing precision guided munitions (PGM).

Statistics and dashboards

Raw data



Ukrainian government-affiliated sources

Regional military administration (ODA) Telegram channels:

State Emergency Services of Ukraine (SESU) / DSNS:

Armed Forces - ZSU t.me/operativnoZSU

Regional prosecutors (Prokuratura)

Russian government-affiliated sources

Ministry of Defence

Ukraine War – Ideas for analysing strikes


Searching twitter.com, from 22th of February until 31st of August: since:2022-02-22 until:2022-08-31


  • Trawling ukrainian_videos channel, which in turn aggregates data from multiple war-focussed sources (already includes automated translations via Google Translate).
  • Aggregating data from ODA and DSNS channels (see previous post).

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