Spring Cleaning 

Stuff I did these past weeks, in no particular order:

  • Organized all loose items into drawers and baskets
  • Planted some basil (results pending)
  • Installed new ball-bearing rails on cabinet
  • Built new shelf
  • Fixed a few creaky shelves and tightened pretty much all the screws around the flat
  • Cleaned out kitchen, put pans and cooking utensils on hangers
  • Re-organized my work materials, desk
  • Got new lamps with proper luminance (1500+ lm) & a nicely swiveling desk lamp, installed dimmers
  • Cleaned out the balcony
  • Cleaned out the basement
  • Installed OpenWRT on my router
  • Set up a repeater I had laying around
  • Set up printer for network printing and scanning instead of fumbling with USB cables
  • Decorated living room
  • All in all, sorted out half a metric ton of clutter
  • Re-purposed old wooden plates into wine rack
  • Found a beautiful marble plate that had been tragically misused to elevate a shelf, cleaned it with acetone, used as pedestal for decor items
  • De-iced the freezer
  • Prepared my law books with tabs and markers
  • Went running and lifted weights
  • Learned interior design concepts
  • Learned to pick locks
  • Changed my mobile phone provider
  • Set up more secure authentication for online services and moved off SMS 2FA
  • Installed clothes rails and put more of my clothes on coat hangers
  • Re-arranged bedroom
  • Sorted out used seldomly used clothes and gave them away
  • Baked a great many trays of cookies and sent them to family and friends
  • Disassembled several cupboards and tables I was no longer using

Very cathartic.

While going through all my old stuff, I also realized I:

  • Haven't danced Tango in years
  • Don't do even remotely as much martial arts as I used to
  • Don't care about computers much any more
  • Have dumped a frightening amount of math- and engineering-related knowledge from my brain. How did I ever understand any of these things?
  • Am getting very homely here as opposed to my chaotic years of moving and traveling

There I thought I was just going full Mr. Home Improvement, but ended up realizing a things few about myself.

I still miss my friends. About time this whole situation blows over.