The Indepentent of all papers managed to publish a heartfelt obituary for the magnificent Juan Carlos Cáceres. You should read it, if only for this snippet:

Fleeing the military dictatorship, he travelled via Spain to Paris, arriving, by chance but to his delight, in May 1968.

Imagine Phil Davison sitting there, smirking and altogether being very content with himself for producing this one great sentence.

Onto the music; very refreshing to hear nuevo without the ubiquitous presence of the bandoneón, and the rhythms… not really Candombe; something very similar, simple and moving.

Two pieces for late-night listening: Toca Tango and the great Tango Negro

Guus Meeuwis - Is Dit Alles?

What could a man who has everything possibly want more?

Othello in Münster 

On 26. of Dec 2015
Nice performance, confusing start but the speed picked up after that. And an ending that is more shakespearian than the master himself had gifted the primordial play.

The Tango Decoder on 'La Colegiala'

Such an upbeat tune, sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Listen to it here. There is also this version which is played more often.

On the sound of music

Read this should your inner cynic require nourishment.

52 things I learned in 2015

Lots of gems in here. Tom Whitwell always has an interesting perspective of looking at things, much like Bret Victor.

Soothing guitars 

Three pieces of music for today: A Slow Rumba Song, a spirited Flamenco Song, and lastly, a catchy melody, not as fiery: another Flamenco.

Relaxed strumming, Mediterranean atmosphere, calm and serene. Ideal for a lazy afternoon. Ottmar Liebert would look upon this with a smile.

David Holmes on tech journalism

Indeed, of all the qualities missing from most tech journalism (skepticism, historical context, backbone…), a sense of humor might be the one it’s most lacking.
I mean, this is a space that makes billionaires out of kids who have barely graduated from puberty, all because they figured out a slightly better way for teenagers to send [pictures of] dicks to each other.
It takes an appreciation for absurdity to really grasp the dynamics of how wealth is created in the new digital economy.

David Holmes on Pando Daily (2015-04-06)