Felix ElsnerFelix Elsner

Easy going on Little Liuciu Island

This small island mainly caters to marine biology lovers. There is an abundance of species living all over and around the island. Of particular interest are the turtles who resurface to breathe fresh air just in front of the steep cliffs.

In order to evade all the Chinese tourists on their scooters, I took long strolls along the shore, took in some peaceful views of the sunset and returned for delicious meals of local seafood.

With no other objective than working on my tan and reading the works of Easton-Ellis, time passed rather slowly.

This morning, I packed up and caught a ferry back to Dongqang because another Typhoon was heading towards the mainland.

Kaohsiung was nice, as was Pingtung county. Although I certainly feel like a stranger, I am more at ease when travelling around. Still, I am missing a sense of purpose and belonging here, so my voyage will end soon.