Felix ElsnerFelix Elsner

Donating blood

Like voting and carrying an organ donor card, I consider it a duty as a citizen to donate blood. I recently did so for the first time.

The procedure is not inconvenient at all and everything is perfectly organized. Times to donate are posted at your local hospital’s website, you sign up at the front desk, fill out a somewhat extensive form, receive a soda to increase blood pressure, have a talk with a doctor to make sure you are fit to donate blood and wait a few minutes till a bed is available. It takes five to fifteen minutes for half a litre of blood to drain, then there is a snack awaiting you. Half an hour in the waiting room and you are back out.

There might be a slight feeling of dizziness afterwards, and doing sports immediately after is a nada. One is nearly fully back on track the next day.

Best about the whole affair is the appreciation you receive. There is even a small monetary compensation. The health services put a lot of work into incentivizing folks to donate, and it is sad to see the severe scarcity in blood banks.

I am looking forward to my next visit and hope others will do the same.