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Event Extraction using NLP with Geocoding

Stumbled upon a few interesting papers regarding automated extraction of data from text:

Near-Real Time Analysis of War and Economic Activity during Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (2022-2023)

This paper explains the VIINA project and applies observations, strangely enough, to agriculture. It contains luminosity analysis (from satellite imagery).

The author also does an analysis of his own data against ACLED, ICEWS and GDELT databases of conflict information.

VIINA / Violent Incident Information from News Articles

VIINA is focused on the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine. It ingests (local) news as well as liveuamap using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for events (strikes, civilian harm, territory control) and provides geocoding as well as categorizes each event with predicted probabilities it belongs to each category.

Geolocating Political Events in Text (2019)

Introducing Mordecai 3: A Neural Geoparser and Event Geocoder in Python

Synthetically generated text for supervised text analysis (2023)