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Ukraine War – Missile strikes data

Possible sources:

  • ACLED Ukraine Conflict Monitor - takes data from (amongst others, but primarily) liveuamap. Datasets require (free) account, only divides between shellings (and similar) and air strikes (and similar), which runs risk of being too coarse a granularity
  • liveuamap - large dataset, API access costly, quite unfiltered
  • Civilian harm dashboards
  • Geolocation-focused efforts
  • Attack map by Texty.org.ua - useful, with lots of links for sources, but also lumps in similar types of attacks so utility somewhat diminished
  • Telegram
  • Ukrainian MoD (via Telegram, Facebook, ZSU website], CinC AFU, KPS ZSU (Air Force, Telegram) - Hard to parse manually since their reporting structure changed regularly. Mostly unverifiable claims without publicly visible proof, numbers don’t add up over time
  • Second-hand reports via Ukrinform, UP, Kyiv Independent and other news outlets which mostly report on statements by Ukrainian MoD
  • Russian “LPR”/”DPR” sources - Through their certain degree of freedom, sometimes quite accurate and honest assessments, if you dig through the mud

Discarded sources:

  • Map of Destruction by “Anti-Corruption headquarters”, in cooperation with Kyiv School of Economics - Has lately (as of 2023-01) pivoted to showing reconstruction progress, which is nice to see, but diminishes utility as data source for the specific avenue of missile strikes
  • Russian government-aligned sources - MoD Russia, rybar (both wildly inaccurate)

This article is part 11 of the “Ukraine War” series.